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Custom Website Design Template #73592 -  tattoo creativity artist art studio responsive
Design #73592
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Custom Website Design Template

Item Number: 73592
Author: Kirti
Downloads: 1
Sources Available:
isLastAdded: 1
lastmod: 2018-10-09T03:28:32-04:00
Name of the template: Tattoo
Preview screens or video URLs:,,,,
Short description:

Expert Tattoo Responsive HTML Web Template is a professionally designed HTML Web template for artist, tattoo studios and personal businesses. Using this template you can create your unique site.If you love this template please rate us.

HTML Template built with modern features like:

  • Creative Design
  • Single page HTML Web Template
  • Simple and Clean
  • Beautiful UI elements
  • Easy to customise
  • Well-written Code & easy to understand
  • Fully Responsive template

Source and Credits:

  • Fonts: Google fonts
  • JQuery: jQuery
  • Images: Pixabay
  • Icons: Font Awesome
  • Grid System: Bootstrap

If you have any question you can ask freely.

Thank you!

productFamily: None
template-icon: icon-landing
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Customized Website Templates by Healthy Websites
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