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Website Plan [planType]: Custom Development, Advanced Hosting & Admin Tools™ for  
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This proposal includes...
  • consultations as needed to identify your current and future website goals. [features]
  • Website Design Suggestions (fully customizable): VIEW
  • NEW: Advanced Video Embedding Tools which can automatically synchronize with your YouTube channel to display all of your videos on your website.
  • NEW: Advanced Photo Gallery Tools which can be used to create stunning photo galleries of all sizes, in minutes.
  • NEW: Optional site-wide SSL Certificates that never expire and can be used to encrypt and secure your entire website with the HTTPS protocol.
  • fully responsive CSS coding to ensure that your website passes Google's latest mobile friendly tests.
  • Admin Tools: A browser-based platform that makes it easy for you to manage every aspect of your website.
  • an integrated content management system including a fully featured customized version of CKEditor.
  • contact collection and contact management system (CMS) with bulk emailing capability for newsletters, events, promotions, etc.
  • shopping cart and e-commerce integration featuring a variety of payment solutions including DASH, Paypal, Bitcoin, and many more.
  • a fully integrated Events Calendar with interactive signups.
  • the ability to create "Member Only" website content, quickly and easily.
  • graphic design and logo enhancement services.
  • converting Flash elements into search engine friendly assets, as needed.
  • cross browser checks to ensure that your website looks great and functions correctly on all types of devices.
  • selecting high quality images for your website with your approval and input.
  • integration of your new and existing website content into your new design.
  • the creation of simple (or complex) online forms.
  • domain name registration tips and assistance.
  • targeted search engine optimization (SEO) for your entire website.
    Note: In performing SEO, we adhere to the webmaster guidelines published by Google.
  • consulting and assistance with your pay-per-click and other third party advertising campaigns.
  • integration of contact management systems such as Constant Contact and iContact.
  • automatic daily backups of your website files.
  • an offsite disaster recovery system for the entire website server.
  • comprehensive and easy-to-read website statistics.
  • a fully integrated localized search engine.
  • a fully integrated e-commerce platform for selling products and services directly through your website (PCI compliant solution).
  • social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • integrated blogging software using the provider of your choice (ie Blogger, WordPress, etc.).
  • [months] months of managed high speed hosting on a secure server in a world class data center.
  • [months] months of business grade email service for your entire staff using your domain name. Your choice of email platforms including ZOHO, Gmail, Outlook and many more.
  • [months] months of service upgrades seamlessly applied to your website and email system.
  • [months] months of regularly scheduled consultations including proactive recommendations for improving your website.
  1. Annual renewal of this custom website service plan starts at just $[renewalPrice] per year.
  2. This proposal is valid for 30 days.
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