Cannadash Cannabis Weed Admin Dashboard Angular JS Template

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Cannadash Cannabis Weed Admin Dashboard Angular JS Template

Cannadash is a CRM Cannabis Admin Dashboard Angular JS template that is built to help Cannabis & Medical Marijuana e-commerce websites have a bird’s eye view on their product sales and storage. Package Include 60+ validated Angular JS pages which can help you customize your admin dashboard look and feel. Cannadash is a clean, unique, and out of the box CRM design that lets you measure your advertising & sales ROI as well as track your employees, shipments, and social networking sites activity and applications. With over a 1000+ elements and components, not even the sky is the limit with Cannadash. With user-friendly features developed to allow admins to easily achieve the design they are looking for, with no previous experience required and all located in an easy-to-find menu.

Cannadash Cannabis Weed Admin Dashboard Angular JS Template Pages Info

  • Homepage (/src/app/pages/home)
  • Web Analytics (/src/app/pages/dashboard/webanalytics)
  • Social Media (/src/app/pages/dashboard/socialmedia)
  • Project Management (/src/app/pages/dashboard/projectmanagement)
  • Client Management (/src/app/pages/dashboard/clientmanagement)
  • Order Status (/src/app/pages/order/orderstatus)
  • Product List (/src/app/pages/product/productlist)
  • Product Grid (/src/app/pages/product/productgrid)
  • Product Detail (/src/app/pages/product/productdetail)
  • Cancel Product (/src/app/pages/product/cancelproduct)
  • Return Product (/src/app/pages/product/returnproduct)
  • Customer List (/src/app/pages/customer/customer)
  • Customer Reviews (/src/app/pages/customer/reviews)
  • Invoice (/src/app/pages/invoice/invoice)
  • Invoice List (/src/app/pages/invoice/invoicelist)
  • Add Product (/src/app/pages/addproduct)
  • Pricing (/src/app/pages/pricing)
  • Shipment (/src/app/pages/shipment)
  • Widgets (/src/app/pages/widgets)
  • Accordions (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/sccordions)
  • Alerts (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/alerts)
  • Buttons (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/buttons)
  • Breadcrumbs (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/breadcrumbs)
  • Badges (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/badges)
  • Cards (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/cards)
  • Progressbar (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/progressbar)
  • Preloaders (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/preloaders)
  • Pagination (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/pagination)
  • Tabs (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/tabs)
  • Typography (/src/app/pages/ui-basic/typography)
  • Draggables (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/draggables)
  • Sliders (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/sliders)
  • Modals (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/modals)
  • Rating (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/rating)
  • Tour (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/tour)
  • CropperJS (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/cropper)
  • Range Slider (/src/app/pages/ui-advance/rangeslider)
  • Animation (/src/app/pages/animation)
  • Form Elements (/src/app/pages/form/formelements)
  • Form Layout (/src/app/pages/form/formlayout)
  • Form Validation (/src/app/pages/form/formvalidation)
  • Form Wizard (/src/app/pages/form/formwizard)
  • ChartJS (/src/app/pages/charts/chartjs)
  • Google Charts (/src/app/pages/charts/googlecharts)
  • Basic Tables (/src/app/pages/tables/basictables)
  • Data Tables (/src/app/pages/tables/datatables)
  • Sweet Alerts (/src/app/pages/popups/sweetalerts)
  • Toast (/src/app/pages/popups/toast)
  • Fontawesome Icon (/src/app/pages/icons/fontawesome)
  • Flaticons (/src/app/pages/icons/flaticons)
  • Materialize Icon (/src/app/pages/icons/materialize)
  • Google Maps (/src/app/pages/maps/googlemaps)
  • Vector Maps (/src/app/pages/maps/vectormaps)
  • Default Login (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/defaultlogin)
  • Modal Login (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/modallogin)
  • Default Register (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/defaultregister)
  • Modal Register (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/modalregister)
  • Lockscreen (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/lockscreen)
  • Coming Soon (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/comingsoon)
  • Error (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/error)
  • Faq (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/faq)
  • Portfolio (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/portfolio)
  • User Profile (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/userprofile)
  • Invoice (/src/app/pages/prebuiltpages/pageinvoice)
  • Chat (/src/app/pages/apps/chat)
  • Email (/src/app/pages/apps/email)
  • Todo List (/src/app/pages/apps/todolist)
  • Go to /app/app.routing.modules.ts and see the urls & find the appropriate modules for every pages.

Cannadash Cannabis Weed Admin Dashboard Angular JS Template Template Features:

  • Built on Angular 10
  • Attractive Homepage
  • Responsive in Any Device
  • Retina Ready
  • Creative and Beautiful Layout
  • Fast, Lightweight & Powerful
  • Smooth Transition Effects
  • Clean And Professional Coding
  • Creative and Modern Design
  • Bootstrap (v4.5.0)
  • Simple Client-side Routing (page based)
  • Google Font and Icon Used
  • Integrated With IcoFont and FlatIcon
  • Easily Customizable
  • Well Commented Code
  • Detailed Documentation

  • Free 24/7
    Support Team

  • Ready Solutions
    For Business

  • Premium

  • 1 200 000+

    Satisfied Customers

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